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Inge Nouws (1965) is a dutch illustrator and artist

based in Barcelona. In 2005 she made a leap into

childrens illustration after being a fashion designer

for 15 years. Her first book "Kars in the Poepfabriek"

was published in the same year. 

Since 2009 she teaches creativity and illustration 

classes to children and adults in Spain and Holland.

Inge´s illustrations and artworks have been exhibited

in several countries as Tsjech Republique, Bulgaria,

Italy, Holland, Portugal, Japan, Arabic emirates and Spain.

She has been awarded in Bologna in 2012 with an

award of excelence. In 2012 she received a honorable

mention at ABW edition Lidu in Prague. Selected artist

in Lisbon in the international Illustration Biennale 

Ilustrarte 2014. Selected illustrator in

Sharjah Reading Festival 2015. Finalist in the

Salon do Livro Pontevedra 2017. Bissa Ajudaris 2019

Bologna finalist 2022-23-24.


Among her clients:

La Casa de Carlota

ESDI escola de diseny

Noordhoff uitgeverij Holland

Stichting Autoped/ Boekie Boekie

Flow magazine

Querido uitgeverij

Thoeris uitgeverij

Difrax BV


Bryte Communications




La Casa de Carlota

El Auditorio de Barcelona

IED Instituto Europeo de Diseño Barcelona

Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Ayuntamiento de Castelldefels

Instituto de la Infancia 

Chucherias de Arte


Uitgeverij Bonte Koe

El Petit



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